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Stories Matter.

A great story captures attention, stirs emotion, inspires action. Isn’t that what you want from your leaders, employees, and stakeholders?

StoryStudio Chicago’s Words for Work is Business Writing Training with a different point of view! Using the art and science of storytelling, we teach business writers and company leaders how to use their words to persuade and motivate.

Let us help you bring the passion and power of stories to your team.

Story Consulting & Customized Training

Have a specific story project or challenge? Need to build a team of writers? We can help you find the strongest narrative thread and create a custom training program to teach your team how to deliver.

Storytelling in Business

Do you know the secret to compelling an audience to action? Having your sales, marketing, or any other internal teams tell the right story in the right way can transform your bottom line.

Presentations that Win the Room

Can you find the right story from data or research AND tailor it to your audience? A successful presentation must move hearts and minds.

Individual Coaching

Need to up your game and become a better writer at work? Our **Story Whisperer coaching** is tailor made for individual learners.

How We Develop Storytellers

We guide teams and coach individuals to connect message to audience, using tools and techniques that help them think strategically, work efficiently, and communicate effectively.


We teach our business writers the same way we teach our creative writers: by emphasizing craft, emotion, and action.

Useful, Practical & Immediately Applicable

Our programs are high-energy and fun. But we engage students with tools and innate storytelling techniques. When possible, we even have them work on “real life” assignments in class.

More than a one-time thing

Coaching for small teams or individuals reinforces students’ learning and maximizes your investment in the classroom experience.

In Person or Online

If you prefer online programs, our unique online classroom is very intuitive and interactive, and we can create options for a custom-built self-directed or instructor-led online program. ATTENTION INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS: We have a terrific online class for you that is currently getting a makeover. Let us know you’d like to receive an email when this class re-opens, or ask us about coaching packages.

Training Programs & Workshops

Creative communications at work? Absolutely.

We use the unique lessons of fiction to transform “business writers” into “storytellers.”

program design

Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We create custom programs to fit you and your team. In a hurry? We also have workshops that are ready to go.


Needs Assessment

Our needs discovery process enables us to design a solution to your communications challenge.

Curriculum Design

We pull from our vast curriculum library to choose exercises and assignments that apply directly to employees’ work needs.


Team instruction is highly interactive and practical (and fun), as employees learn about story craft, understanding audiences, strategic messaging, writing persuasively, and calls to action while working on “real-life” projects.


Follow-up coaching is an excellent option for those who would benefit from continued learning and intensive review. Participants receive critical feedback on a work in progress.

Read Up

Here’s What We Think

Interested in our approach to communicating at work?

Visit us on LinkedIn to read Words for Work articles by our Chief Story Wrangler, Jill Pollack, on all aspects of writing, storytelling, and thinking in images.

Creating the Right Program

We Are Idea Machines

You may need a quick refresher, or a more complex program. StoryStudio pulls from its vast collection of courses, modules, and unique brand of creativity to devise the perfect program for your team.

Tell us about your learning objectives.

We’ll map a plan to develop your people into expert business storytellers.



Business communications must deliver more than key messages.

When customers, investors, employees, and other stakeholders receive your written words, they form opinions about you, your employees, your brands, and the quality of your organization.

Designed for you

We have ready-to-go trainings, with the option to tailor programs to your communication needs and timeframes.

Beyond the Words

By teaching story craft, we get people beyond their fears so they can get down to the business of communicating.

ON-Your-Feet Learning

Fun, interactive sessions deliver more than just writing lessons, they build high-performing teams.


Writers on Writing

Our instructors are professional communicators, storytellers, writers, editors, actors, and teachers.

Real Content

Stories start flowing right away, and by working on real-life projects, students not only learn—they get things done.

Creative Approaches to Corporate Messaging

We show students how to unlock their own creative spirit while remaining true to corporate philosophy and culture.

Want to learn more about storytelling and writing at work?

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