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Our Unique, Inspiring, Creative, Practical, Productive Team Training Programs

We can help you convert prospects into customers, improve employee engagement, and instill a storytelling culture into your organization.

Take a look below at our writing, storytelling, and presentation workshops for teams of six or more. Each course is ready to go, or may be customized to meet your organization’s needs, so your employees and leaders can create and communicate the right message at the right time.

Interested in a program just for you? Email us about our Story Whisperer coaching and our almost-here online course.

Business Writing Courses

Every email, report, or presentation tells a story.

Whether you want to elevate the effectiveness of sales proposals or make employee communications more engaging, StoryStudio Words for Work will deliver a training program to meet your organization’s needs, so your employees and leaders can develop lasting, superior skills in business writing.

Our learning programs provide a powerful mix of writing instruction, story craft, individual feedback, and advanced editing and revision—as well as group exercises that help teams work better together.

Courses typically run a half-day or full-day, and may be customized as necessary.

Business Writing Essentials

We’re not talking about grammar and punctuation. We’re talking about communicating the right business message in a concise and clear manner.

This (re)introduction to business writing will improve participants’ communication in the workplace, regardless of where they are on the career continuum.

Unlike any other business writing training, we use the unique lessons of creative writing to make any workplace communication more clear and compelling. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, participants learn to apply these strategies to the everyday demands of business email, articles, reports, proposals, and other projects.

Email Magic

We all rush through the day and rarely take the time to craft email messages with the reader in mind. It is vital that we keep our emails short, to the point, clear, compelling, and reader focused.

In this workshop we’ll teach practical strategies for writing more effective email messages and for always keeping our reader (or client) in mind.

Practical Grammar & Punctuation

You don’t notice when it’s right, but you sure do notice when it’s wrong.

Whether team members have forgotten the basic rules, never learned them, or just want to make their writing more clear and effective, this interactive workshop fits.

Our writing mechanics classes are great fun and extremely practical. No judgment, no theory, just tips and tricks to writing clean sentences. We’ll tackle the day-to-day grammar questions that come up at work, giving you practical, confidence-building tips and tools.

Storytelling Workshops

Good storytelling in business.

It’s more than writing a great email or bullets on a PowerPoint slide. It is the secret to compelling the audience to action.

There is power in perspective! Using the lessons of fiction, we teach writers to rethink their messages from the audience’s perspective.

Workshops range from half-day to multi-day sessions and may be customized as necessary.

Storytelling for Sales, Marketing, and Communications Teams

Whether it’s about your brand, your business, your products, or your people, the stories we use at work must be clear, compelling, and focused on your audience.

Our hands-on workshops introduce the elements of written and spoken stories and how to apply these narratives when developing messages for any business audience—internal or external.

Students write and tell several fictional and real-world stories while learning about communications…and each other.

Creative Camp

No dodgeball or lanyard making. Just good old fun and games…with a clear purpose.

Our improv-based experiential exercises break down barriers and guide individuals to act as a team. Camps may be customized to focus on basic creativity and idea-storming, or focused on pitches and presentations.

Whether two hours or a full day, Creative Camp is sure to strengthen your team and reinvigorate their creative spirits.

Creative Writing

You read that right!

Learning to write narratives about fictional characters or crafting stories from our lives is very effective in opening new pathways of creativity, energizing employees, and strengthening your team.

Presentation Skills & Stories

What do mind mapping, crazy cars, and fairy tales have to do with business communication?

They are all techniques we use to teach students to dig into the significant details that bring a story to life.

Why? Because details–the sensory elements of a story that leave the audience with a lasting image and a clear call to action–are the key to getting people involved in your message.

Our trainings teach presenters to find the right story–from data, research, and other insights–and tailor it to the needs of the audience.

Trainings typically run a full-day to multi-day programs and may be customized as necessary.

Win the Room

Students learn to craft the right story, paint a full picture, and perform their presentation in front of an audience.

Individual or small-team coaching focuses on delivery and the physicality of grabbing–and holding–an audience’s attention.

Perfect for sales pitches, proposals, executive presentations, and messages to not-for-profit stakeholders.

Beyond Bullets & Backgrounds

Building presentations that show AND tell…that’s the key to success.

The power of presentations is not found in bullet point lists or sentences on the screen.

Instead, the ability to present the visual elements of a story—leaving the audience with a lasting image and a clear call to action—makes this delivery so effective.

Students will learn basic lessons of story craft and how to apply them to presentation materials—both the telling and the showing of a story.

Pass Around or Leave Behind

How can you create a presentation-worthy document?

PowerPoint has become a standard for communicating proposals, financial reports, Board of Director packets, research results—and everything in between.

Students will learn how to organize and edit information to deliver to multiple audiences.

Individual Coaching

Since we all have to write at work, it’s time to become a better storyteller

At StoryStudio, we believe that business writing IS creative writing, which is why we offer Story Whisperer Coaching for individuals. Our teaching relies on techniques not just from the world of business, but from fiction, poetry, and other writing genres.

Individual coaching focuses on understanding your audience and what story you must tell. Oh, and how to be quick about it.

You decide what projects to work on and how to use your time. We choose the tools and techniques that will work best for you.

Coaching is sold in packages of four hours for $900.

Program Fees & Custom Options

Fully Formed or Made to Order?

StoryStudio workshops provide a practical, productive, and immediately applicable learning experience. Just tell us where and when and we’ll bring our extraordinary programs to your team.

But sometimes, you need something a little different. Whether it’s a a two-hour refresher, a day-long intensive, or a multi-day training, our faculty will use our unique brand of creativity to develop a learning experience to fit your needs.

Customized workshop fees vary according to length of program, number of students, and degree of customization. Contact Us to learn more about how we can develop and manage an online training program for your team.

Let’s talk

Tell us about your learning objectives and we’ll map a plan to develop your people into expert business storytellers.