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Jill Pollack made Newcity Lit50 List again.

by Jill Pollack

I love makin’ the list.

It’s always an honor to be on this list. Thanks to Newcity for highlighting some of the most creative, ambitious, insightful, and inspiring folks working with words today.

This year, Newcity decided to do a photo shoot and gathered almost all of the “50” at Women and Children First bookstore. The photographer–a short guy with high octane energy–shot us as individuals and in small groups.

Now, I hate to have my picture taken. But when you see me smile in this one, it’s genuine. I had such fun catching up with StoryStudio Chicago teachers, authors, publishers, bookstore owners, and other colleagues.

Like Chicago’s literary scene, the afternoon was joyous, unpredictable, and full of camaraderie.

Jill Pollack
About Jill Pollack
As Chief Story Wrangler, Jill Pollack spends her time chasing down the best stories…and making them better. But telling a great story isn’t enough for her; she has to throw some neuroscience into the mix. Art+Science=the answer to everything. Jill is the founder and director of StoryStudio Chicago—a writing training center for creative writers and business professionals. In addition to teaching, writing, and forcing people to admit that they can’t live without great stories, Jill oversees writing training for more than 1,200 students each year. She is a frequent speaker on the power of stories in our personal and professional lives and was once again included in the Newcity Lit Top 50 list of literary leaders in Chicago.
Jill Pollack made Newcity Lit50 List again.
Jill Made the Lit50 List…Again